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The following letter was sent in from a now former patient of Kaiser Permanente.  At this persons request, the letter from the patient is being placed online.  Mr. Tyson's office did forward this letter to the appropriate department who has not as of yet completed the matter but does state that they will.  This letter is being placed online May 16, 2014. This matter specific to this letter began in the beginning of January.  After Mr. Tyson's office became involved and the matter was sent to the appropriate person in the Mid-Atlantic States Region, a letter was then sent to the patient dated April 22, 2014.  That letter states the patient will receive a refund.  It has not yet happened.  The original letter sent to Mr. Tyson is as follows:

March 24, 2014
Dear Mr. Tyson

My name is (Name removed at Patient's Request).  I have been a Kaiser Permanente member since 2009.  The reason I am writing you this letter is no one in Kaiser really cares about my problem and I want to share my unfair story.

I faxed two letters on December 19, 2013.  One was to stop an auto payment and another was to terminate my membership (because I enrolled in a new one thru the marketplace) and need it started on January 1st, 2014. 

An auto payment still took the money out on January 1st.

On January 3rd I called the member services department to ask about my case and they seemed like everything should be ok.  They had received the fax.

I waited until January 10th to check about my case and they told me that I needed to wait.

On January 25th I wrote a complaint email because I didn't get anything back from Kaiser, then someone called me on January 28th about my email and advised me to stop an auto payment online but that I need to wait for the refund because the account is not terminated, yet.

I checked again on February 6th.   My membership didn't terminate and I need to wait another 7-10 business days.  I called back on February 19 and now received a new issue from Kaiser.  They said that they had never received my fax.

I wrote a complaint letter to the Kaiser appeals and correspondence department and I got a letter saying that they never received my fax and that they are sorry but they cannot honor my request to refund my auto payment.

My question is why does it take 3 months of Kaiser telling me that they didn't get my fax and refusing to give me a refund?  Why are the people I call at Kaiser telling me that they did receive it?  Not only one person but at least 3 different people confirmed to me that they got the fax and asked me to wait.

I got all the names of the staff that I talked to and plus Kaiser has the recordings of all the calls.  Why don't they check with the staff and listen to the phone recordings?  I need my $568  back.  It is a lot of money for my family.  I didn't ask for free money.  I just need my money back !

Thank you for your time,