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Dear Bernard J. Tyson
CEO of Kaiser Permanente 
I received a letter from Mr. Mark Barnes in Member Services Dept, on August 23,  2013, he was responding to the letter I sent off after June 22, 2013 about my experience in ER.

Well first of all in his letter he said! I said lack of cleanness appearance ER waiting room, {I never once said any such thing in my letter.

Second I never said Security Officer was watching TV for a long time. Watching  too much my words were in fact he should be watching none period.   I   never  said he was sitting watching TV.

Third: Kaiser is avoiding question? So let me explain in a way 10 year old can  understand.

OK let us start!

For Example:

The ER nurse agreed with St. Jude Tech advice and 911 was called; ambulance rushes child to ER and Pacemaker is beeping which means! Child has 2 hours or 2 month to live when battery runs out according to St. Jude tech.    Now understand it's been beeping for at least half hour at home off and  on, now child has less time to live maybe.

(1) Do you call a tech out through traffic which can take from one hour to 3  hours to check the child out on machine if child has 2 hours or 2 months left on the battery?

 (2) Or do you call a Cardiology doctor from his home who is on call to rush to Kaiser to save child's life,  and hope he doesn't get  hung up in traffic?

(3) None of above! Kaiser ER should have a Cardiology doctor in ER at all times who can operate the machine that can save the child's life when time is a factor and  the ER doctors aren't trained  to save this child's life who has a Pacemaker.

Well I decied to go public with this, because I have Pacemaker and all of Kaiser ER in Fontana California failed to take care of my pacemaker in an emergency with proper doctors and machine that isn't there for him to use.