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Write To Bernard Tyson

Nov 10, 2019- Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson dies at 60


Effective immediately, the board of directors has named Gregory A. Adams, Executive Vice President and Group President, as interim Chairman and CEO. See: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kaiser-permanente-mourns-the-loss-of-bernard-j-tyson-chairman-and-ceo-300955198.html

NOTICE:    Please note that the Kaiser CEO office has explained that the CEO of Kaiser has no influence, has no control, no power, no nothing to do at all at any time with medical issues.  For medical issues the public is supposed to locate the administration information for the Permanente Medical Group.  However, because 99% of the world believes that Kaiser Permanente is one company, it is logical to believe that the CEO of Kaiser would have control of the situation.  Kaiser is three separate companies though and that is something that the public really is seldom told about.  Therefore, Kaiser and the CEO could go out of their way to at least forward to the appropriate Permanente administrator these letters as a courtesy considering they are the ones misleading the public.

Here is the e-mail address to Write To Bernard Tyson: Bernard.J.Tyson@kp.org

The working Kaiser Permanente phone number for Bernard Tyson is 510-271-2659 and his Admin. is Sherry Buie.  She may be reached at 510-271-6368

Verified e-mail address for Bernard.J.Tyson@kp.org
You can also try tweeting Bernard Tyson at:

Here is the address to write to him via US mail:
One Kaiser Plaza, 1550 Ordway, Oakland, California 94612 
Attention: Mr. Bernard Tyson

Assistant: Karina Montenegro-
fax: 510-271-5820

People may want to make Mr. Tyson aware what the company he represents is doing.  So this section has been created for the public to have placed online their request to have Bernard Tyson contact them directly. That way people will be able tell him what their concerns are and just maybe he will read them here and go out of his way to start helping people. When writing you must state that you wish your e-mail be placed online. Otherwise it will not be.

If you wish your letter to Mr. Tyson online so he can read it there, please send it in to us if it pertains to gaining his assistance with medical matters.  This is not a political forum and those types of issues must be addressed elsewhere.  My contact information is: vickie@kaiserpapers.org, or write to  any of the other people on the contact link at the top of this page.  We will place your letter online for you.