Berard J Tyson Assumes Role of Chairman of Kaiser Permanente

Bernard J. Tyson Assumes Role of Chairman of Kaiser PermanenteBy Kaiser PermanenteJan. 2, 2014

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Making Meaningful Contributions and Thriving

It’s Time to Revolutionize Race Relations Published on December 4, 2014

With the entire country seeing demonstrations following the Ferguson decision, I’ve had colleagues and business partners ask me my thoughts — not from my perspective as the Chairman and CEO of a $55 billion organization — but as a black man in America. You would think my experience as a top executive would be different […]

Kaiser CEO Bernard Tyson: I could have been Michael Brown or Eric Garner

Report on the well balanced open article by Bernard Tyson regarding the ongoing  demonstrations following the Ferguson decision: “I could have been Michael Brown or Eric Garner” by Chris Rauber See:

Former Kaiser Patient

The following letter was sent in from a now former patient of Kaiser Permanente.  At this persons request, the letter from the patient is being placed online.  Mr. Tyson’s office did forward this letter to the appropriate department who has not as of yet completed the matter but does state that they will.  This letter is […]

Danny Atterbury

3 November 2015 TO Vickie Travis: I read on the website  that “If you wish your letter to Mr. Tyson online so he can read it, send it in to us if it pertains to gaining his assistance with medical matters.  This is not a political forum and those types of issues must be […]

Linda Hobbs

KAISER ATTEMPTED TO DISENROLL LINDA HOBBS,  A SENIOR CITIIZEN, MEDICARE PATIENT WITHOUT CAUSE Linda Hobbs, a Kaiser Senior Advantage patient pays her insurance four months in advance.  She lives in the town of San Pedro which is at the beach, just outside the City of Los Angeles.  It is 23 miles from the Civic Center […]

Tom Forrest, LLC

Bernard J Tyson Kaiser Permanente, Billing Problems, and Why I Changed My Doctor 13 Jan 2016 – Tom Forrest – Kaiser Billing Problems and how Bernard Tyson personally became involved to fix a serious problem.   Mr. Forrest has this story online at: