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Danny Atterbury

3 November 2015

TO Vickie Travis:

I read on the Kaiserpapers.org website  that “If you wish your letter to Mr. Tyson online so he can read it, send it in to us if it pertains to gaining his assistance with medical matters.  This is not a political forum and those types of issues must be addressed elsewhere.  My contact information is: vickie.travis@xxxxxx, or write to  any of the other people on the contact link at the top of this page.  We will place your letter online for you.”

I am going to email Bernie Tyson and ask him and  Kaiser to comply with 45 CFR 164.526  (i.e., an individual has the right to have a covered entity amend protected health information or a record about the individual in a designated record set for as long as the protected health information is maintained in the designated record set.) and amend and remove the false, prejudicial, defaming, and damaging information that Kaiser Gastroenterologist Mary Pauly,  vindictively entered in my Kaiser Medical records disk Kaiser provided medical Record, and I unknowingly and inadvertently provided to other doctors on the when I provided the disk a Kaiser lawyer mailed me as a “courtesy.” Please place my demand to  Kaiser, under 45 CFR, online on Kaiserpapers website.

Danny Atterbury